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Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
High quality acidic and basic washing chemicals used in membrane cleaning in reverse osmosis device

Antiscalant chemicals
Antiscalants are membrane protective products in Reverse osmosis devices. Prevents clogging of membranes and loss of capacity, extends useful life. In our company, there is an antiscalant sale for every feature of device and inlet water value.

Disinfection chemicals
Chemicals should be used in drinking and using water for disinfection purposes and in tanks for lime and corrosion prevention.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Detail treatment offers you membrane products from leading membrane manufacturers. Our supplier covers the membranes used for drinking water, tap water and sea water.
You can choose one of the following brands, contact our engineers for more information.

Membrane Brands:
Hydranautics membranes
Toray membranes
GE-Osmonics (Desal) membranes
LG RO Elements
Pentair RO membranes