Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems

The system used in Domestic Wastewater Treatment is BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT.
These are the systems in which domestic wastewater is brought to the wastewater discharge limits or recycled through a biological treatment process.
Biological Treatment is based on the principle of converting organic substances in wastewaters into compounds that are less harmful to the natural environment by breaking down by microorganisms in a micro-ecological environment where favorable conditions are provided.

The purpose of domestic wastewater treatment is to safely remove the organic wastes contained in this wastewater and to transform it into rivers or seas, which is a natural water environment. Operation of a wastewater treatment plant; physical processes, separation of solid particles from the liquid and complete purification of the liquid with the biological process. Processes can have different forms of application.
It is used for the purification of domestic wastewater that occurs in small settlements (sites, resorts, accommodation facilities, hotels, factories, construction sites, etc.) without sewerage connections.
Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plants, according to facility capacity and operating conditions; grill, pre-treatment chamber, sand trap and oil trap, balancing pool, aeration pool, advanced treatment, disinfection unit and sludge dewatering units are designed to contain according to need.
If purified water is desired to be used in garden irrigation, purified water filtration system can be added to the plant outlet.


It is aimed to treat urban (domestic) wastewater.
Since urban wastewater contains domestic and partially industrial wastewater (may vary) and rainwater, it may differ in the design stages,
These are wastewater treatment plants where urban wastewater is treated by physical, biological and advanced treatment methods.
Facilities generally; according to facility capacity, geographical conditions and operating conditions; grill, sand trap, oil trap, nitrogen removal, phosphorus removal, ventilation pool, settling pool, sludge dewatering unit, disinfection unit are designed to include stages.

Automation works are designed in accordance with the process and the facility is operated at optimum efficiency.
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