softening Systems

Water improvement is based on the principle of removing parameters that are desired to be removed from the water by physical or chemical processes.
Using hard water brings many problems together in home or business.
It protects softening systems, devices and pipelines against the damages of lime water and prevents the shrinkage, clogging, puncture and abrasion caused by the lime layer.
Softening process is the process of removing cations (Ca and Mg ions) completely from water and removing lime.
The most common method used in water softening is the use of resin. The resin has the ability to absorb calcium and magnesium ions naturally. In this way, ions that cause hardness in water are separated from water.
The systems we apply are fully automatic.
The tanks we use are polyester, St 37 epoxy coated or stainless steel products.
It is manufactured as a package in small systems and assembled on site.
Our water softening devices are produced in accordance with the conditions of industrial and domestic areas with their long life and high technology products.

The operation of water softening systems works according to the principle of ion exchange.
The aim here is to help remove Calcium and Magnesium ions, which cause hardness in water, from water. Sodium ions in cationic resin are replaced with calcium and magnesium ions and removed from water. After this process, the resin, which has filled its capacity, is subjected to regeneration process with salt water in a time or flow rate control.
Detay Purification engineers are ready to offer you tailor-made solutions according to their usage and needs with their meticulous work.