Revers Osmosis Systems (RO)

Detail treatment offers high-performance solutions that are amortized in the shortest time possible in reverse osmosis (RO) systems.
Reverse osmosis system is the most comprehensive and safe way of producing purified drinking water or industrial water.
Our systems are manufactured with fast delivery times and high-quality components designed to meet your needs.
All filters, membranes, pumps, pipes, controls and automation are installed ready to work in a package.
In addition, chemical dosing is provided to increase the membrane performance of the system.
The automation of his work from a single point is provided in his design. They are fast delivery, fast installation, ease of use and reliable products. Our standard production platforms can be configured to suit your needs.
About RO technology RO technology is used by applying a semi-permeable membrane. Pressure is used to separate the driving force and water. Applied pressure allows membrane flow. Dissolved contaminant remains under osmotic pressure.
REVERSE OSMOSIS is a Membrane Technology, the process of passing mineral-rich water to the other side of a semi-permeable membrane with reduced minerals using Osmotic Pressure.
Many minerals, bacteria and viruses in the water can be filtered up to 99% purity with this method.
Among the main uses of Reverse Osmosis,
Preparation of Steam Boilers Feed Water,
Food and Beverage Industry,
Drinking Water Production,
Hemodialysis Treatment Laboratories in Medicine,
In recent years, it has been on the agenda for arsenic removal in the recovery of wastewater.

Ters Osmoz avantajları
It gives clean and healthy water.
It removes heavy metals, viruses and bacteria by 99.9%.