Package Treatment Systems

The system used in Package Treatment is BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT.
We install consecutive discrete system (SBR) application.
Detay Purification Systems (DAS) can be carried out in domestic and industrial wastewater projects and provides ease of service to enterprises and institutions without requiring personnel thanks to its compact package facilities. Ventilation and settling units where biological treatment will take place in sheet metal package units are manufactured from sheet metal, compactly.
In these systems, the balancing pool where only wastewater will be collected will be reinforced. Equipment to be used in the treatment plant will be installed in the package facility.
Also, the control building is not required.
The sheet metal package is painted with internal and external special epoxy paint to prevent damage to the facility.
Package facilities are usually placed on a platform on the ground.
Biological wastewater treatment plants In hotels, motels and similar living facilities; It is given to the receiving environment by improving and disinfecting the wastewater caused by the ordinary activities of people.
In this way, huge green areas can be irrigated with the recycled water and the water from our limited resources can be used more efficiently and provides both financial savings and an environmentally friendly approach to the business.
Our systems work odorless and noiseless.

Our System Features:

The electrical panel is PLC automated and has a light indicator on it. the System
work can be monitored on the board.

The system is completely automatic and there is no need for staff.

All of our mechanical equipment is ISO 9000 quality certified.

Installation materials used in our facilities are plastic based, there is no danger of rust.

Excess sludge from the treatment is removed within the system. There is no waste sludge.

Sheet Package Facility is easy to install and portable. It is compact and takes up little space.

The system's electricity consumption is low.

The materials and workmanship used in the electrical panel are first class.

Motor protection and phase protection relays are used on the panel against voltage irregularity and phase failure.

Our Guarantee:

Our biological treatment system; "T. C. Environmental Law Water Pollution Control Regulation ”works below discharge standards.

There is absolutely no odor during the operation of the system.

The sound level is low in the equipment used. It does not generate noise.

System warranty is unlimited.

Equipment warranty is 2 years. During the warranty period, the system is periodically checked by our technical service.

When the warranty expires, our consultancy and service continues.