Project Preparation

We have the competence to carry out the project preparation and execution of the approvals of the wastewater treatment plants specified by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in the Wastewater Treatment / Deep Sea Discharge Plant Project Approval circular dated 20/11/2018.
This project will be prepared to select wastewater treatment technologies.
It is ensured that business owners have an efficient and economical treatment plant and fulfill their environmental responsibilities.

As Detay Arifik, we provide services to meet the needs of the treatment plant.
The project design phase is very important in terms of the correct design of the treatment plants in terms of the health of drinking and utility water, the treatment of wastewater in a manner that does not harm the environment, and recycling for reuse.

Various technologies are used in Treatment Plants.
We are ready to help you in line with your needs and to be your solution partner with our current treatment technologies, service quality, expert staff, industry experience and environmental awareness.